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The Walkway in Edgewater has suffered from a lack of uniformity in quality and maintenance.  Much of the Walkway in Edgewater is first-class while other sections are in disrepair or represent remaining gaps. The Conservancy has been working with the Borough of Edgewater to create a Special Improvement District (SID) along the Walkway to create a ‘first-class’ Walkway throughout the Borough.  The SID will also provide relief for those currently responsible for maintenance and repair of the Walkway and facilitate eligibility for State and Federal grants for Walkway improvements, including resiliency against climate change.

The SID will be controlled by all Edgewater property owners East of River Road, and through economies of scale, will lower the aggregate of individual owners’ maintenance costs (Link requires PowerPoint software)

Since early 2020, the Borough and the Conservancy have held extensive outreach with the Edgewater public through in-person and on-line meetings.  With participation from the community, committees were created to guide the process and set out guidelines for responsibilities, governance and assessment formulae.

In April, 2022, the Borough introduced an ordinance to create the SID, but withdrew it after objections from members of Admiral’s Walk which was in the process of seeking approval from two-thirds of their members to allow construction of a Walkway along their property.  Now that litigation has been re-instituted against Admiral’s Walk, it is expected that an ordinance creating the SID will be re-introduced by the Borough Council.

The Conservancy welcomes input from the Edgewater public in support of the Council’s efforts to establish the SID. Comments can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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