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Walkway Usage during COVID-19

The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway (the Walkway), overseen by the Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy (The Conservancy), has become a vital transportation link along the Hudson River from Jersey City to Edgewater. It is now possible to walk or ride personal vehicles from Liberty State Park to Edgewater with only a few minor deviations to the parallel streets.

This transportation link is facilitated by the requirement that the public should be able to proceed along the Walkway 24/7 free of barriers, blockages or intimidation. This free flow along the Walkway by the public has withstood challenges against closures, fencing, gates and other forms of behavior that favor one group over the public in general.

While the Walkway has provided a wonderful escape for the public from the isolation and confinement of COVID-19, the increased traffic of walkers, bikes, strollers and other personal vehicles brings conflicts and even danger as everyone competes for limited space on the Walkway. Guidelines for use of the Walkway during COVID – 19 include:

+ wear face coverings as required by the state and local authorities

+ maintain a social distance of 6 ft from everyone

+ stay to the right on the Walkway

+ those on bikes, skateboards, and scooters should maintain a safe speed or dismount when approaching others

+ dogs should be kept on a leash

+ dispose of any trash in the provided trash cans


Violations should be reported to the local municipality


One of the concerns is individuals and groups that use the Walkway for public performances, group exercise or personal or public ‘events’, such as staged photographic ‘shoots’ or ceremonies.  These programs, while acceptable in the past, can create an intimidating environment for the public who wish to pass on the Walkway during this special time. In addition, any activity that blocks, hinders, or intimidates the public from free use of the Walkway may be a violation of NJ DEP regulations that govern the Walkway and may result in a fine from the State or local government.

The Conservancy suggests that exercise programs and other group or individual activities are more appropriate in the many parks along the Waterfront than on the public Walkway.

Please be considerate of others who wish to use the Walkway as we navigate through the difficult times of COVID -19.




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