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2012-11-30 letter to Major Sacco

November 30, 2012 - letter to Major Sacco of North Bergen

Honorable Nicholas J. Sacco
Mayor of North Bergen
Town Hall
North Bergen, NJ 07040   (Via FAX)

Dear Mayor Sacco:

The Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy works with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to implement and preserve the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. We write today to urge you, as mayor of North Bergen, to delay final Planning Board decisions with regard to the lot coverage planned for the Riverview project at the northern border with Edgewater. We advise this action now in light of the extensive damage to the New Jersey shoreline along the lower Hudson River waterfront. We particularly recommend the following:

1. An assessment of the Riverview plan now before the .Planning Board by a firm with expertise in disaster analysis in order to determine the type of improvements or additions needed to protect the property from the 100 year floods that will undoubtedly come in the near future. It would be unconscionable for the municipality’s Planning Board and Building Inspector/Engineer to approve anything on the waterfront from this time forward without such analysis, review and requirement for protective improvements.

2. During the review there should also be consideration given to the area as a barrier to prevent flooding on River Road. It has been made known to us that the portion of River Road west of the lot did not flood during the surge of Hurricane Sandy. That was due to the fact that the area acted as a wetland which absorbed water and protected the road way. Other areas along the waterfront also need to be examined with the intent of preventing severe flooding and surge at the river edge.

We fully understand the ramifications of such action and would welcome the opportunity to work with your staff, Hudson County Engineering and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to arrive at solutions that will protect not only this site but the entire length of the North Bergen waterfront.


Helen Manogue, President

Donald Stitzenberg, Esq. Vice President

Peggy Wong, Secretary

Edward H. Rogaski, Treasurer

Mary Hogan; William Neyenhouse PP; Howard Singer, PhD; Dorcey Winant


cc: Hudson County Planning


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