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2019 July - Over two very hot and humid days during the summer of 2019, Mr. Jim Beckerman, reporter for New Jersey Record, walked most of the 18 miles of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway with Mr. Don Stitzenberg, President of the Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy (HRWC).  Read Mr. Beckerman's report and watch the video. Video is at the top.  There will be ads before the video. :(


From: Natalie Loney

Community Involvement Coordinator
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
290 Broadway, 26th Floor
New York NY 10007
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Subject: Quanta Update- Week of June17, 2019

With the restart of the cleanup work at the Quanta site in Edgewater, New Jersey, EPA will be sending periodic updates to the community about activities at the site. Honeywell’s contractors have started soil solidification within the tent closest to City Place. Air handlers and filtration units on the tent structure are in full operation to provide effective carbon filtration of naphthalene and other VOCs prior to releasing the air to the environment.

Honeywell’s contractors are currently moving stockpiled soil into the tent for soil mixing.  There is a potential for releases of vapors, especially during warmer days, when the flap of the poly cover of the stockpile is lifted to allow the excavator bucket to access the soil and when the soil is transported from the stockpile area to the adjacent tent. Air monitoring data from June 3 indicated a detection of 6 µg/m3 naphthalene at perimeter air monitor FD01 and on June 4, 6 µg/m3 at perimeter monitor FD02. These monitors are affixed to the fence approximately 20 feet from the stockpile and the tent. The EPA Quanta project team has reviewed the perimeter fence line and residential monitoring results since the start of Phase 2 of the project and is confident that these detections were a result of transport of soil and brief repositioning of the stockpile cover in close proximity to the monitors. Naphthalene has not been detected at any residential property or other fenceline monitoring points.

Please note that on Saturday, June 15th, workers will be on site to continue installation of the tent along the bulkhead in preparation for remedial activities in that area.

A friendly reminder that a hotline has been established for residents to report concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During hours when work is being conducted at the site, the information will be relayed to a supervisor at the site and to EPA. The hotline number is (201) 807-0991.


Subject: Quanta Update for the week of June  3, 2019

With the restart of the cleanup work at the Quanta site in Edgewater, New Jersey, EPA will be sending periodic updates to the community about activities at the site.  Honeywell’s contractors have completed construction of the tent closest to City Place and have started remedial activities within the tent.  Construction of the tent along the bulkhead is continuing and activities within the tent will start in approximately 3 weeks.



On May 3, 2019, Governor Phil Murphy signed the legislation that codifies the Public Trust Doctrine into New Jersey Law. For years, the NJDEP, that enforces public access to river fronts and beaches, has been operating without legislation that gives them strong enforcement powers.


This new legislation will allow the NJDEP and the Hudson Rive Waterfront Conservancy to enforce what has always been the right of the public to freely access the Hudosn River waterfront and the states beaches.

While most of the Walkway from Bayonne to Fort Lee is completed and freely accessible to the public 24/7, a few properties still illegally prevent public access.  The Conservancy will continue to work with the NJDEP to open these few properties to the public and complete the 18.6 mile Waterfront Walkway along the Hudson River.

We thank you for your support as the Walkway becomes an even larger component of the public transportation and recreational systems along the Hudson.




June 3, 2018 Suntex leased land from LSP for boat storage near Phillip Street.  Read an LSP advocate's description here.

June 2, 2018 The NJDEP has rejected Suntex Marina's proposal to build it's second marina on the south side of LSP.  Read the FOLSP announcement here.

May 5, 2018 Caven Point at LSP is saved from commercial development. Read the Friends of Liberty State Park's  announcement here.


Jan. 12, 2018 More on former Hess site - NJ.com "Application for Hess property development is dismissed"

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