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Updated 2017

For the Freewalkers' Loop Walk of the New Jersey Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

Directions for walking the Hudson River Walkway from Exchange Place in Jersey City to the George Washington Bridge.


The New Jersey Hudson River Waterfront Walkway from Exchange Place in Jersey City to the George Washington Bridge is about 10.5 linear miles and has two distinctly different segments.  The initial ~ 7 mile segment is a largely contiguous, completed Walkway from Exchange Place in Jersey City to the Edgewater border.  There are several small “gaps” in the Walkway but the routes to bypass the small gaps and return to the Walkway are obvious. The succeeding 3.5 mile segment through Edgewater and Ft Lee to the GW Bridge is interrupted with sections that are not completed and will require walking on River Road to bypass these unfinished segments.  The walk will be about 20 miles long as the Walkway winds in and out of coves, piers and marinas.

Jersey City – The Walkway is complete throughout Jersey City from Exchange Place to the Hoboken Train Station. However, the Walkway is currently closed where it passes over the Holland Tunnel for construction of a new access pier for the Tunnel.  The detour around the “gap” is marked. At the northern end of Jersey City, the Walkway goes around a marina, through a small park and along the street for a short distance.  Look for the large brass Walkway plaques in the sidewalk. The Jersey City segment ends at a long bridge that connects The Walkway with Hoboken.  There are several interesting historical plaques located here.

Hoboken – After crossing the Walkway bridge from Jersey City to Hoboken, the Walkway continues directly through the Hoboken Train Station and emerge on the other side of the station on the Walkway.

The Walkway passes two large parks on adjacent piers and ends at  Union Dry Dock. A section of Sinatra Drive takes you directly around the “gap”. , After passing the dry dock, turn right and re-join the Walkway. Follow the Walkway past Maxwell Place condos and wind  behind the massive Hudson Tea condominium. Go around  Weehawken Cove into Weehawken which connects Hoboken and Weehawken.

Weehawken – The Walkway is complete through Weehawken.  This is one of the best places to see the Manhattan skyline and take pictures. Pass the Chart House Restaurant at the end of a pier and the Walkway leads around a very narrow inlet. Stay right toward the river to enter Weehawken Park.  Follow the Walkway through Weehawken Park, past the Weehawken 9/11 Memorial, some high-end condominiums under construction, the Port Imperial Ferry Terminal and into West New York.

West New York/Guttenberg - The Walkway is completed through West New York and Guttenberg . Proceed several miles to the small North Bergen/Guttenberg Park.  The Walkway turns right immediately after the park and leads to the river.

North Bergen - In North Bergen, the Walkway will pass the Hudson Pointe condos and the parking lots for the Palisades Medical Center.  Continue on the Walkway that runs behind the Waterside Restaurant.  The Walkway then turns left at the northern end of the restaurant and ends at a parking lot that is marked with yellow striping.  Follow the striping to re-join the paved Walkway behind a PSE &G Substation. Continue through Roc Harbor and the Watermark Condominiums which leads back to River Road.

Edgewater/Fort Lee - There are two long segments of completed Walkway in Edgewater and several uncompleted areas.

From the Watermark, proceed on River Road for about a half mile past areas under construction. Turn right at the Edgewater Municipal Building into a shopping center where there are several restaurants for lunch. Proceed to the river and on to a brand new section of the Walkway. At the end, turn left and walk back to River Road. Go past the EPA Super fund site and into City Place, another alternative for lunch. Re-join the Walkway on the north side of City Place and stay on the Walkway for about a mile where it again will bring you back to River Road at a large vacant property the was previously the Hess Oil Terminal.  Turn right at Trader Joe’s and join the Walkway at the abandoned Binghamton Ferry. Continue on the Walkway until it leads you back to River Road at the Edgewater marina.  Bypass the Admiral’s Walk condominiums and turn right into the recently completed Edgewater Veterans Park.  Go through the park toward the river and re-join the Walkway for about a half mile where again you will be on River Road..

For safety reasons, cross River Road to the west side and proceed up the hill to Annette Ave. This is an unattractive area for the walk and parts of the east side of River Road have no sidewalks and can be dangerous.

At this point you have two choices –

1.  Stay on the west side of River Road for a half mile through Fort Lee to the entrance to the South Walkway of the GW Bridge. (The North Walkway is closed).


2. Cross River Road to the east side and proceed down Annette Ave toward the river and Burdett’s Landing. This is the entrance to the Edgewater Colony, a private community. Walk down Annette Ave staying left around a bend until you come to a fork in the road.  Take the left fork up hill. (The right fork, which has a Walkway sign, will take you down to the river and the Palisades Interstate Park toward Ross Dock with no access to the GW Bridge). Go up the hill and return to River Road at the Fort Lee border where there is a wide sidewalk for the final ½ mile to the entrance to the GW Bridge South Walkway.


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