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Edgewater south 2010



Southern Edgewater


October 17, 2010

Last Sunday, 5 walkers “explored" the series of Walkway segments, paths, undeveloped properties, deteriorating coastline and beautiful vistas that is the southern half of The Hudson River Walkway in Edgewater.

We met at 9:45 at the CVS which is located in the large on-going development that was previously occupied by Unilever.  This is the southernmost property in Edgewater and also contains the new Edgewater Municipal Building.  The Walkway is not built yet and it is expected to take several years for this development and the Walkway to be completed.  In the meantime, this property is one of the longest "Gaps" in the entire Walkway. 

The next property north is a bizarre development known as 115 River Road.  There is a long office building which has been redeveloped from an old industrial site extending from River Road toward the River.  There is no Walkway here.  The building turns into a more modern building constructed on a pier.  This section has a version of the Walkway along the south side of the pier.  It is very narrow with no benches, lights or trash receptacles.  However, there is a very nice picnic area at the river’s edge which is in disrepair. Immediately, north of 115 River Road is the Quanta Superfund Site.  Who knows when, if ever, this site will be remediated and developed and a Walkway built. 

Next we walked the large complex called CitiPlace.  The Walkway is completely built here and is well maintained.  However, there is much evidence of erosion damage on the shoreline at the south end of the property adjacent to the Quanta site.  

Part of the Citiplace complex is a condominium development called The Promenade built on a pier in the river.  There is a 10 ft. wide Walkway segment built on the south side of the pier.  There is a question as to whether this is, in fact, part of the Hudson River Walkway as the Walkway from Citiplace continues around the Promenade on the upland end of the pier.  

The Walkway continues in Citiplace through the north end of the property behind the large movie theater complex.  Here there are trees and heavy growth between the Walkway and the River bank.  There also is a chain link fence preventing access to the river.  There was a sign from the DEP identifying this area of the Walkway. The Walkway continues out of Citiplace into a very small segment of blacktop pathway that adjoins an undeveloped property behind the Sunrise Assisted Living home. There is evidence of clearing of the land and Mick said that a housing development had been approved for this site. 

Next is Independence Harbor where the Walkway is a joy.  With parks at both ends of the property and a well-constructed and well maintained Walkway, the Walkway at Independence Harbor is a model for the rest of Edgewater. Adjoining Independence Harbor is the River Club.  While the Walkway is complete and functioning, The River Club has not removed the trees and brush that block the view of the River. 

The Edgewater Commons Shopping Center is next on the Walkway.  The Walkway here is complete and maintained.  A species of low growing, dense roses has been used as a very effective barrier between the Walkway and the River.  At the north end of this property is The Crab House Restaurant on a pier.  This pier was designed as a fishing pier and it was loaded with fishermen who had caught crabs and stripers.  It was satisfying to see the many fishermen using the facility.  Unfortunately, the public rest rooms remain locked in violation of the permit. 

Next came the Edgewater Golf Club.  Here, the Walkway has been built but vandals have largely destroyed all the amenities.  Also, the river is eroding the shore line and there is no barrier between the river and the Walkway.  There is some evidence(Patched concrete, etc.) that maintenance has been done in the past but lights are broken, benches missing and plastic garbage cans are tied to trees in a poor attempt to provide waste removal.

Continuing north, the Walkway extends behind the Mitsuma Shopping Center.  The Walkway is complete and there is some evidence of maintenance.  Railing lights are broken and there are temporary trash cans in place.  The Japanese restaurant at the north end is now closed and there is evidence of general deterioration of the property.  There are public restrooms in the shopping center. 

After passing the Hess Oil facility which has no Walkway, we entered the Marketplace Shopping Center.  The southern section has no real walkway.  There is a balcony passage that runs behind the shopping center which is only accessible by walking through the garbage collection area of the stores.  This passage leads to a long ramp around the Chase bank and drops you in the middle of the parking lot.  It is questionable if this bizarre pathway is part of an approved Walkway. 

Next is the Walkway in front of the derelict restaurant boats called the Binghamton. They are now posted as condemned by the Edgewater Fire Dept.   This area also shows storm damage to the shore line. 

A small are area of Walkway follows behind the Comfort Inn.  It had been damaged by the March storms but has been repaired.  That is not the case for the next two properties, an office building owned by Daibes Construction and the Mariners Landing rental property.  There is extensive damage from the March storms that has not been repaired. 

Grand Cove, the next Walkway property, was also damaged in March but they have completely repaired their section of the Walkway. However, Grand Cove continues to allow their hedges to overgrow the Walkway. The Whole Foods complex follows Grand Cove and the Walkway is built and well maintained.  There is evidence of erosion to the shore line from the storms.  

Our walk ended with the Walkway through Mariner's Cove and the Edgewater Marina and Ferry Terminal where the Walkway is in excellent condition. 

The two and a half hours of Walking in Edgewater demonstrated the urgent need for a consistent set of standards and policies for the Walkway in Edgewater.


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