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Liberty State Park 2010



Liberty State Park


June 13, 2010

On Sunday, June 13, 4 walkers walked the Walkway in Liberty State Park. We started the walk at the Port Authority Auto Port in Jersey City just adjacent to Bayonne.  As we approached the port from Rte. 440, there are signs indicating the way to The Waterfront Observation Area.  These signs should be supplemented with the official Walkway signs.


This is truly a working waterfront area with large container ship docks and many warehouses.  The Autoport itself was closed down with grass growing in the tarmac. There is an elevated viewing deck in the parking area with a view of lower New York harbor that I am sure few have seen.  It is magnificent.  The viewing deck seemed well maintained for its age by the PA. 


Next we drove to Port Liberte.  There are no signs at Cavan Pointe Road to tell anyone interested that the Walkway exists in Port Liberte.  Again an opportunity for official Walkway signs.  Bill expressed concerns that the waterfront at the end of the road was being used exclusively for cars parking to visit the Pointe restaurant.  There were paper signs saying "Parking for Restaurant Only".  Probably posted by the restaurant and a clear violation.


We parked the car near the walking entrance to Port Liberte and noted that the existing HRWC signs are misleading and difficult to see from the road in a passing car.  There also is a "No Trespassing" sign blocking the way from the Walkway to the handicapped access ramp.


We walked through Port Liberte where The Walkway is in good shape. Unfortunately, the DEP allowed a much narrower Walkway made out of boardwalk along the river side.  They also allowed the Liberty National Golf course to place one golf hole between the Walkway and the river.


We proceeded to walk through the segment of Liberty State Park that is a nature preserve and on to the excellent Walkway that adjoins Liberty National Golf course.  We all commented that this is what the Bayonne Golf Club should be building. 


Next we entered the brand new section of the Walkway in LSP where the bulkhead had collapsed several years ago.  It is a picture of how the Walkway should be built everywhere.  It was great to see quality construction, complying with requirements that will last for many years. 


Along the way through LSP, we were elated to see that a sign had finally been erected pointing out an area where cars with roof top carriers could launch kayaks and small boats.  There were several cars parked nearby with roof carriers so the sign is effective.


As a special treat, we came upon a fisherman and his girlfriend who had caught an18" striped bass.  Everyone, including us, was taking pictures.  The bass was probably too small to keep but I expect it ended up as dinner anyway.


We ended at the LSP train station with its fabulous view of lower Manhattan.


Keep walking!







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