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West NY,Guttenberg, North Bergen 2010



West New York, Guttenberg, and North Bergen


October 10, 2010

The Walk the Walkway walk continued this morning when 4 walkers walked the 2 miles of Walkway through West New York, Guttenberg and North Bergen.  The day was beautiful and cool and it showed the Walkway for all of its benefits as we met many walkers, bikers, dog walkers, baby carriages and joggers.  

Overall, this section of the Walkway is complete, in good condition, and constructed in a durable long lasting manner, especially in West New York.  We started the walk at the Watermark in the North end of North Bergen which adjoins one of only two gaps in this section of the Walkway.  North of the Watermark up to the Edgewater border is a piece of undeveloped land that is currently planned for three high rise condos.   

The Walkway at the Watermark is excellent and clearly showed the wisdom of rejecting the original blacktop construction.  Next we looked at the total disaster that is Roc Harbor.  The old walkway where it adjoins the Watermark is now under water.  Worse, the river has invaded the entire riverfront area of the ROC Harbor driveway with water flowing in from the Hudson and covering at least 20 feet of the driveway.  

Adjacent to Roc Harbor is a short piece of recently constructed Walkway built by Half Moon Harbor.  It seems to meet all the Guidelines although the two benches were not yet installed.  Next came the short piece of Walkway built by PSEG.  It is totally ridiculous that PSEG was allowed to build the Walkway out of blacktop.  It looks cheap and temporary and already is beginning to crumble along the edges. 

The Walkway along Kingston condos and the Waterfront restaurant was next.  There is nothing indicating where the Walkway is located either behind or in front of the Kingston.  At a minimum, signage is needed here to direct walkers to the Walkway beside the Waterfront Restaurant.  The Walkway around the Waterfront is quite pretty although the restaurant is slowing encroaching on the Walkway with outdoor dining tables. 

The Walkway behind palisades Hospital is quite old and is a blacktop surface.  There were lights, benches and cans that were being maintained.  The last section in North Bergen is River Pointe on the Hudson, a relatively new set of condos.  The Walkway is excellent and there is also a small park built out on the River.  The good news is that there are signed handicapped and regular parking spots identified as Walkway parking with the standard Walkway signs.  Unfortunately, there is also a sign that says Walkway users are limited to 2 hour parking and have to get a sticker to put on their car from the Lobby of the condo. I am not sure if our guidelines cover limitations on parking time. 

The only other gap in this section of the Walkway comes next where North Bergen and Guttenberg are planning to build a small park.  From here through the entire 1 plus miles of West New York, the Walkway is built in a manner that I expect was envisioned when then Walkway was planned.  The Walkway meets all Guidelines, is well maintained and is built with a bulkhead composed of sheet piling.  It appears that West New York required a common design along the entire borough and also required the Walkway be built even though some of the developments have yet to be built.  West New York does deserve some kind of recognition for the planning foresight and design of the Walkway.


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