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Walkway Map update history

  • The Walkway (WW) map was updated on May 6, 2017 to reflect small changes in Bayonne's MOTBY; Jersey City's Morris Canal Basin, Colgate Clock & Exchange Place; North Bergen's Roc Harbor; and Edgewater's IPark.
  • The Walkway (WW) map was updated on Sep. 2016 to reflect the following:
    • The WW at Veterans Field Park, Edgewater is completed.
    • The removal of the Hess oil tanks & its redevelopment in Edgewater changed "no access" to "planned".
    • Edgewater has completed a section of the WW at I-PARK, south of Main Street.
    • The WW connecting North Bergen & Guttenberg is completed.
    • Two sections in Jersey City by the Colgate Clock changed to "completed".
    • The WW at the western end of the Morris Canal by Liberty State Park is now completed to the footbridge.
    • Along the Navy Pier in Bayonne, one short segment is completed and segments are "planned" to its east and west.
  • The Walkway map was updated in 2013 to show minor changes and corrections in Edgewater's I-PARK Development, City Place/Promenade and Veterans Field Park.
  • The Walkway map was updated on 6/6/12 to reflect completion of additional segments of the Walkway, including Weehawken Cove connecting Weehawken and Hoboken, Steven’s Institute in Hoboken and the Moorings condominiums in Edgewater.  With these latest completions it is now possible to walk or bike from Goldman Sachs in Jersey City to the northern end of North Bergen, over seven miles.  Several additional segments are under construction including The North Bergen/Guttenberg Park, Veteran’s Park in Jersey City, Veteran’s Park in Edgewater and I-Park in Edgewater(the old Unilever Research property).  The Goal of a continuous Walkway from the Bayonne Bridge to the George Washington Bridge gets closer every year.

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